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Many thanks to all those who have responded to our survey. We will shortly be posting a brief summary of responses.

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  1. Thanks for your work on this! I’ve just recently become aware of the open access science movement. I think that in addition to the usually stated benefits, this might be a huge boon to students working in large collaborations. In an OA model where students were encouraged to promptly publish data from smaller parts of a project that they directly worked on, several benefits could follow:

    1. Students would get early experience writing up scientific procedures and presenting data.

    2. The scientific community t large would benefit by having access, (for example), to characterization procedures and data sets. When characterizing a new instrument, it would be nice to have a searchable repository of procedures and results for a specific technology or material. While this information might not be considered appropriate for journal publishing, it can be very useful for projects that are trying not to re-invent the wheel. The challenge here would be to come up with a highly indexable/searchable repository for this information so that it could be easily reached.

    3. New graduates would have something to point to that they actually did. Being an author on a paper with 200 collaborators is nice, but being able to point to your specific work is invaluable to potential employers.

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